As of August 6th, Lapinator has decided to delete the official Discord server.


We have not given up! Both Viking Age and The Qrew are offering you a place to meet up with your friends again!
Below you can find their Discord servers with a short description of who they are.

Viking Age

VikingAge has 95 online members.

The Qrew

The Qrew has 347 online members.

Meet up, Play games, Have a talk! With our special ranking system you can team up with people that are on the same skill level as you!

Ranking system applies for

  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Soon: Battlefield V

Down below you can read Lapinator's last message that he wrote on Patreon.

Sorry guys but I do not have anymore time to devote to server, that's why I'll stop the journey.
The server is now closed, although some will surely be disappointed, I really don't have more time for that ^^
Thanks to all of you who one day joined discord ;)